Correctly directing where emails bounce to, and why....

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Correctly directing where emails bounce to, and why....

Post by frankoamiricano »

Every time I update phpBB, i have to go into the email include file and change one line, if I do not, invalid email addresses do not go to the board admin email address.

In many cases, I do not see most of you noticing this, as they end up at for the forums, but for those of us in the ISP business, where sometimes, the user does not need email, it ends up back in my inbox. It is a burden, and I have heard other ISP's shut down phpBB until the user fixes it, ie: mass email situations.

I started this thread: ... highlight=

In that thread is the fix, that I have deployed on 10's of installs with no issue, and it always works.

I wonder, why is this not getting incorporated into the code? Is this not the correct place to report this?

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