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Post by Viskar »

Kinda a mixture of debate, question, topic spreading? I don't know Anywhos....

When I have to edit a file I use CuteFTP so it opens the file in a .txt, which I'm sure y'all know doesn't spread lines. So I'm thinking making even though I hit enter and such. It isn't spreading them on lines? Although, PHP is just like HTML, so lines wouldn't really matter <_<

I've also noticed 90% of mods don't work with added Skins...Anyone else noticed this?

(Is two questions and hopefully you'll give me two explanations :D Thankies)
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Re: Mixture.

Post by KevC »

Viskar wrote: I've also noticed 90% of mods don't work with added Skins...Anyone else noticed this?

Yeah they do.
All MODs are written with respect to subsilver (the default template) because that's the supplied template and it makes sense.

All other templates are pretty similar to subsilver. Very occasionally you need to look a bit closer at where the code goes in the respective corresponding template file but not that often.
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