Can't register user - email address already used?

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Can't register user - email address already used?

Post by ianhoyle »

my platform:

Windows 2000
Apache apache_2.0.39-win32-x86-no_ssl
PHP php-4.2.2-Win32
MySQL mysql-3.23.51-win

my problems:

I've created, blown away, recreated etc my phpBB environment several times. This means I delete the complete mysql\... tree including the database used by phpbb and all phpbb related files under htdocs on my web server - then I reinstall everything.

I'm getting some strange behaviour:
  • When I try to register the same user as in a previous installation, I get the error "Sorry but that email address is already registered to a user". This is even when I create a completely new mysql database!!! Where would these old details be stored so I can really nuke them??
    I have to press logout twice?
I love the software, but these issues are driving me nuts :)
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Post by Black Fluffy Lion »

The email is stored in your db in phpbb_users-->user_email.

'Apache apache_2.0.39-win32-x86-no_ssl)'

(thanks for giving all the server info btw :) )

apache 2's support for php doesn't work properly, this could well be your problem. Try using Apache 1.3:
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Post by scottyman »

you're running much the same config as me... I've found that there appears to be a serious caching issue between 2.039 and 2.0.40, php and mysql under 2000 - which is why it's not recommended! ;)

try to get phpdev4 - prebuilt binaries with 1.3xxx (latest secured build, php 4.2.2 mysql etc) I've got both running on my development box - phpdev4 much more stable - but dev5 with 1.3xxxx apache build is almost perfect. mod_perl is missing in the latest build, but that's not too bad.

what appears to be happening is php is caching information from mysql and not refreshing - but in my seperate phpdev4 build - same versions of php and mysql - behaviour is not displayed.

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