Couldn't Insert into User Table?

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Couldn't Insert into User Table?

Post by Perthina »

I'm not sure why it's started doing this but whenever someone tries to register it gives me this error:
Could not insert data into users table


INSERT INTO phpbb_users (user_id, username, user_regdate, user_password, user_email, user_regip, user_icq, user_website, user_occ, user_from, user_interests, user_sig, user_sig_bbcode_uid, user_avatar, user_avatar_type, user_viewemail, user_aim, user_yim, user_msnm, user_attachsig, user_allowsmile, user_allowhtml, user_allowbbcode, user_allow_viewonline, user_notify, user_notify_pm, user_popup_pm, user_timezone, user_dateformat, user_lang, user_style, user_gender, user_level, user_allow_pm, user_birthday, user_next_birthday_greeting, user_active, user_actkey) VALUES (819, 'NinjaTest', 1135300716, '0f1a83584ab08039c87ad035e20d3b5e', '', '4123f862', '', '', '', '', '', '', '5999dc5834', '', 0, 0, '', '', '', 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, -4, 'D M d, Y g:i a', 'english', 4, '2', 0, 1, '999999', '', 1, '')

Line : 810
File : usercp_register.php

Why wouldn't it be able to insert it? The phpbb_users is there...
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Post by Marshalrusty »

Run this script. Note that you may need to run it more than once
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Post by espicom »

Why wouldn't it be able to insert it? The phpbb_users is there...

Hopefully, what Marshalrusty pointed you at will handle this, but one thing to try whenever you're presented with a less-than-helpful error like this is to take the query that failed, and paste it into your database console's (phpmyadmin or whatever your host provides) SQL window, and try executing it... Often, you'll get a much more descriptive error message.
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