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Stubborn PHPBB Backup SQL

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2006 1:56 am
by HisHighness
Hey all,

Before I start please know that I know nothing of SQL, a friend of mine is pulling his hair out trying to restore his board from a backup with no luck so I'm trying to help him out. I'll give you all the info I can.

My friend had a board that was exactly like this one.

and he backed it up to an sql file called

He now tries to restore from the backup using the "restore database" function to this board here

and when he does it goes for like 15 minutes looking like it's working but then the board still shows up as it did before he tries. He's tried it as both the sql file and also as a zip file and neither works.

The only thing in my totally limited knowledge I can think of is at the bottom of the first page it says:

Powered by phpBB © 2001, 2002 phpBB Group

and on the second it says
Powered by phpBB: © 2001 phpBB Group

So I'm thinking he may need to upgrade his board or something like that. Other than that I don't know how to help him.

(P.S. If that is it, where can he get the upgrade?)

Thanks for your time,

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:03 am
by SmartSquid399
Yes, he needs to upgrade. You can download an upgrade from the downloads page here.

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:18 am
by HisHighness
Thank you. Will the most recent upgrade do or is there a specific one?