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Shout Box

Post by Grownfolks »

I just had my forum installed by someone and we have a shoutbox on our portal. how do I get the shoutbox to show up on both the portal and the forum index? I had it like that on my last board, but the installer didn't put it back like that.
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Post by pentapenguin »

That's called a MOD and has to be installed by you manually.
To find it (1) look in the MOD Release Announcements & Support forum, (2) look in the MODs in Development forum, (3) use the MOD search tool, or (4) look on
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Post by Jim_UK »

This forum is for the support of vanilla phpBB2.
You will need to go to the support thread for either the shoutbox or the portal and ask there. If you got them from here then there will be a support thread for them.


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