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Registration / Profile - Changing fields

Post by snab »

Sorry if this has already been covered. I'm having problems seeing past 1st page of search results.
No topics or posts met your search criteria

Is it possible to change the Field names on the registration form? And where should I be looking to do this? Or is there a MOD which makes it easy?


Instead of 'Location', I would like the box to say 'Section' and be compulsory
Instead of 'Occupation', I would like the box to say 'Unit' and be compulsory.

Is it also possible to use a drop down box to give the registrant a selection of Sections and then Units.

Hope that makes sense.
Sorry again if this has already been covered. Please point me in the right direction if it has.

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Post by Black Fluffy Lion »

It would be a better solution to create a whole new field rather than edit the location field. To do this you need to install a MOD (it looks like there are a a few available, so have a look and see which one you prefer)
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Post by libbysmirks »

Well, in my situation, i NEED to edit the Occupation field. Another php package I use pulls the information from the Occupation field for the class of the character the person plays. Instead of Occupation, I'd prefer it to say ' Class' or 'Class of Character' please?

Just to clarify, the only thing that I need to change is the text next to the input field that says 'Occupation:' to 'Class:'....thanks again.

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