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Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2001 6:34 am
by headless
Let my start out by saying; yes I have searched and read the other posts on this, I’ve been reading over stuff for days now and fighting with this problem for days ive tried all the other suggestions but with no luck.

On the forums I have running auto login doesn’t seem to work and hasn’t for some time, I’ve been playing around with settings and reading up on it for days now and just cant figure it out. Auto logon works for nobody.

What ive tried:
-Current CVS copies of phpBB (dec20)
-Yes I ran the update_rc1.php file
-Yes ive tried changing the name of the cookie in the admin area

url of forums:

other then this logon headache I have to say these forums rule! :)

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2001 9:13 pm
by nathan
It would've been nice if you told us what OS and webserver you're running.

Anyway, netcraft says you're running IIS 5 on Win2k. There's a known problem with IIS and autologin (see our sourceforge bug database). It's actually due to a known issue in IIS that MS has been ignoring for years.

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2001 10:22 pm
by headless

OS: Windows 2000 Server, SP2
WebServ: IIS 5
Database: mysql 3.23

oh well if its a known IIS bug then no pont checking back.. thanks for the help anyway.. it was working at one point then just stoped.

phpBB is very cool ! :)