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Help please

Post by » Sat May 13, 2006 5:16 pm

After the forum upgrade as presented in the previous post, it seems that members cannot login. One of my forum member tried to access the forum and got this message:
phpBB : Critical Error

Could not query config information


SQL Error : 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query

SELECT * FROM phpbb_config

Line : 214
File : common.php

Another site fan asked me why he/she could not register at the forums. I tried to register a test username following these steps:
After clicking "I agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years of age" I clicked to the next step but encountered the following error

General Error

Could not delete stale confirm data


SQL Error : 1146 Table 'trietwi_newforum.phpbb_confirm' doesn't exist

DELETE FROM phpbb_confirm WHERE session_id NOT IN ('063761e23397b0865be7cca345c56f9a', '0b006c249e45fa18a46a21985bf84d26', '0b3f3c0c079f191192209b7459cd43c6', '0e956a62065767dd1bf5712d8ea12ef5', '118d0d9966acfb2b853cd9bdf64113cb', '1259ca804406532fcee7424cde21c4d5', '13a306827ec808f2dc534af9da92bc3a', '15843af6c0a9dceb51b56aa34f31353b', '15e4070010efed52defbdbd7993f1452', '1f7f47de12f341cec790c787ea7ce02b', '254086b22c6489e4dd715b259f3eea47', '28769032433703c6663e047df14866ce', '2891dcb4d02caedf37b55fcd93a68145', '2948477b16029b2a8084e30d18296a01', '2b506c98f170e4eda523319ac0a2eae0', '2e7396501a1b1608612c78956552da47', '2f77c3c9c3b7e2b702c82e18133b5078', '34d1b3ab1354d4b01aa9b185b898af07', '35ac06571526638aa4248d897b9b8783', '3c286c7f02781129b1eb6284f4ce59c4', '3daea4c838745d974c7fc944937b20b5', '435ea85c87c6ec3b0b71a4735f2d3825', '44385a8328e58adf951dca4803a7c3f1', '44af3a77c0c53f92088f7b1d3e31a525', '493266d83bd90053385545ebaf729fa7', '4ea25f0c93d686ad103eb1857108ef44', '4f7e9cbffd74a2e889c3707ff942228a', '501c433d8ba272063521b078ad747ff7', '512764ab1f138446f6ce0441e28a30a1', '54c93c0ebacf098fccd1a490f20b53eb', '5608116d77aae1e096817477145fa0bc', '5618dcafd904fea8585ef3fe7b3d08e7', '564b377a4849dbb96a017f720dd1802c', '5652f45da6f8781c555aecc2358bc4b0', '5b0fc46edb3066ff08405ff1d9c88ccf', '5bdb107483301c9f53a9e1011364f478', '6008922706c399f4ad4b0cfda75bfdbe', '67b468293e1dc1488e5b7b49ec51ac8b', '697d5f0f4ac388a56f3c86f85a7914c2', '6bbe0576c08f584af68f390811af1660', '7040fbb8a808d21fb6d0c8cbcff0640a', '73bf9779e155ad0e875af9450a78f21e', '7483aabe1d1bdda968d2fd985d71ad84', '7c3b241bf9c378329fbba7be58a3c033', '8053078b48ca892c14afd2995a95f866', '80b4868ad5a9198840450d5bc87de735', '82730ca2a258c17b8f410ec0966c9340', '83891939614af4c51c46d54e13e50f09', '8419ce5c7ee68144ec3e7b5e5a3d0e23', '857dbd6d99fb5cf82196ca0f5f6942b6', '8a8e8345012ba2f934f72a7470ddb09d', '942f53cc4c037f6a2e4b43fef0d2715c', '95644cec35df0995a824b8c763862537', '9a7804c50d6e6d1af5fd402e2b76dbf7', '9b4764690683ebf3b59e86ce0767ce1d', '9cd13d1d7f439d6b1980b3d9ed698239', '9e8828464b824e40843d4203343bde82', 'a52e3a51eef1b6ed2e9492590ad8b554', 'aa236cc21c51f78722e641cb351194bc', 'aa826405b8718cff57b30fd1b63b8da3', 'ab39fafab5b168126bebdc5ef5f90c4f', 'adacabe8b30cfa95d649ca8418949853', 'af3558549639cfa1fa6d5d51f4c9336e', 'afadc4aa627fe6cd67e285b27620e9a1', 'b6aba99bb8308598048c1f60e2c81f99', 'ba0cede4996db2ea781947e2a4f4919b', 'c60bc04d30df3f9acb1bf69310cb6dab', 'ce2d87c6a097a1968798501789dc5344', 'cf0d1191694742312818bb0389b63e46', 'd62cb411801c19c630afc2dfe2691e19', 'd7a5e183997f1a21cbe3c2d15c5a86b5', 'e09970932d110c0adc1b47c6fcfd05e4', 'e41e2dee505d8a6c913449949477a08d', 'e6dbb9e1a0fb4c9f2360d3830ff238df', 'ea116731a768a7fb875c52606456aa8d', 'ee34f830dfcb8fa52274cba9bef6aa73')

Line : 969
File : usercp_register.php

I followed the steps of upgrading closely but was unsure why the forums got these problems. Could you please help with these problems of registration and login and the problems presented in the previous message dated Sun May 07, 2006 6:47 pm? How do I fix the problems? I would like to have these problems fixed in this order: 1) the register 1b) the login then 2) the quote.
I keep checking back for replies but don't see any. I wonder who is helping me with these issues? Please help. Thanks! Very much appreciated the person who will help me solve the problems.
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Urgent help needed, please

Post by » Fri May 19, 2006 10:02 am

Could someone please help me or direct me to a place where I can seek answers? Thanks.

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Post by ~AJK~ » Fri Jun 23, 2006 4:25 am

Try running the following in mySQL

Code: Select all

CREATE TABLE phpbb_confirm (
confirm_id char(32) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
session_id char(32) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
code char(6) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (session_id,confirm_id)

SQL Error : 2013
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AJK, please also help me with the quote & the language e

Post by » Wed Jun 28, 2006 1:46 am

AJK, thanks for the code for creating the table. Please also help me with the quotes and language errors that I got after the manual forum upgrade.

1) Quotes aren't working properly. The plain quote tags work, but once a name is added i.e. [quote name="Kindperson"][/quote], this particular quote function doesn't work.

2) The Unicode characters (that display the Vietnamese language) aren't working anymore. I can't post Chinese or Vietnamese characters; even after right mouse clicking the message and selecting "Encoding" these languages still did not show correctly. You can see the Vietnamese characters do not display correctly in the message dated Feb 25, 2006 01:09 am in this thread . You can also see that the Chinese characters do not appear correctly in this forum thread .

Please show me how to fix the problems presented. Thank you.
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Re: Register problem occurred after the forum upgrade

Post by » Fri May 04, 2007 1:51 pm

The quote function works now after I upgraded the version 20 to version phpBB 2.0.21. No one replied to this post perhaps because you could not find my forums to take a look at the messed up quote function. I had to move it to instead.


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