File Not Found Error - Help !!!

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File Not Found Error - Help !!!

Post by glafrance »

I just installed phpBB2 and configured it successfully.

I have this code in my web page:

<map name="successdev_main_menu1">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,50,259,90" href="../phpBB2">

So when I click on the image, I get a "File Not Found" message.

Any clues?

Please email me at

Thanks alot.

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Post by -jm- »

No email/private support :P

location of your forum?
Location of not working webpage?
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additional information

Post by glafrance »

My web site is

Clicking on the forum link should bring up the forums, but it just leads to file not found.

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Post by biscuitkeeper »

It opens /phpbb2/ which is waiting for you to run the installation process
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New Info

Post by glafrance »

I tried to reinstall, so you may have caught it when I had restored the install folder. Try it now and you should get a file not found error.

Here are some questions I have on the install process:

1) Database Server Hostname / DSN: should this be, the server where my mysql database is located?

2) Domain name: should this be, the main page for my web site, or should it be, which is where my phpBB2 directory is ( Also, should I enter the http:// before the www or is that assumed?

3) What should be the value of the Script path in the install screen? If the full path to the phpBB2 directory is

4) Is there any interaction between the Domain name field and the script path field, such that the script path field should be relative to the Domain name field?

Thanks a lot for your help. phpBB2 seems pretty kool, and I'm almost there.

Here are the values I entered:
Domain name:
Script path: /successdev/phpBB2/

Actual path to phpBB2 directory:


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