EMail Disable Mod Change Files

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EMail Disable Mod Change Files

Post by dikkiscafe »

where can i get the change file disable email mod?
the one that in the mod section is only a mod file i need the change files can you give me? thanks
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Post by biscuitkeeper »

There might not be a changed files package for this.. To install the mod you must manually make the changes to each file specified by the mod instructions.. Theres is no way for the author of the mod to know what other mods you have installed to be able to provide changed files. (Unless they decide to make one availble which would only work if you have a vanilla phpBB board and it was the first mod you were to install.

Generally changed files are only used for phpBB updates for non modded boards (or for users to cherrypick out the files they know they have not edited for other mods).
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