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How to Ban

Post by rec46 »


I am a moderator for CleanUp and am having a problem figuring out how to ban a user. The one who owns CleanUp and who made me a moderator said I should come here to ask for help on how to ban someone from the forum. I would appreciate any help you can give me. My user name on the forum is rec46 and my email address is

Thank you very much

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Post by biscuitkeeper »

If you are only a moderator then you cannot ban users unless a mod has been installed to allow you to do so..

You need to access the admin control panel and go to the User Admin section and Ban control..

If the owner is unsure how to give you these rights make sure you suggest that they ask here :lol:

Moderator Control Panel
aiencran wrote: It's an excellent MOD... I installed it and integrated with Smilies Upload MOD... now moderators can upload smilies without having a FTP access... moreover they can ban users, delete them... it's very useful!!!
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