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icon_mini_faq.gif corrupted

Post by highlander1010 »

This may not be a phpbb problem, but any help is appreciated...

I have a curious problem with the icon_mini_faq.gif image in the standard subSilver template. It seems to get periodically corrupted and then fails to display (webserver returns the error "The image “http://indianapolissailing.org/forums/t ... ni_faq.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors."; I'm running Apache 2.0.40).

I replace icon_mini_faq.gif with a fresh copy from the phpbb install files and everything is fine until a day or two later when the file is again corrupted.

Installation details:

Your phpBB board URL: indianapolissailing.org/forums
Template(s) used: subSilver
Any and all MODs: none
Do you use a port of phpBB: no
Version of phpBB: 2.0.20
Version of PHP: 4.2.2
Which database server and version: mySQL 3.23.58
Host: fluidhosting.com
Did someone install this for you/who: self install
Is this an upgrade/from what to what: no
Is this a conversion/from what to what: no
Have you searched for your problem: yes
If so, what terms did you try: icon_mini_faq.gif, "corrupt image"
State the nature of your problem: see above
Do you have a test account for us: no, but I can provide one if needed

Any ideas???

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Post by biscuitkeeper »

Try uploading it as binary (rather than ascii or auto)
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Post by highlander1010 »

The file is uploaded as binary.

The image displays fine after I upload. It only becomes corrupted after 1-2 days.

If I download the image to my local machine, I can display/edit it without a problem. Weird...


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