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white login.php?

Post by guyblogging »

When I try to login at my (newly installerd) forum, it just gives a white screen. It logs me in, but it just gives me an annoying white screen. I'm using PhpBB-2.0.20

Anyone knows what to do? :?

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Post by guyblogging »

Oh, and when using Internet Explorer, it just gives me a This page cannot be displayed error :(

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Post by Tazfan »

if you have jsut add the fourm and there are no post get ride of it on your ftp and start again

hope this Tazfan

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Post by igorw »

It's a problem of how 2.0.20 handles the login of unactive users.

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Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

I don't believe it has anything to do with unactive users. the admin should be able to log in regardless.

try this:
First , get this:
Auto Cookies MOD
then, unzip it to your computer,

then upload the included install folder, to your phpbb folder on the server.,

then , in your browser, go to:

then click the button to accept the settings it finds.

then delete the install folder.

Then you and all your members MUST do the cookie dance:

step 1. log out
step 2. clear your browser cookie
step 3. clear your browser cache/temporary internet files
step 4. close your browser
step 5. go back and test
step 6. hold one foot in the air and spin around three times
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