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Javascript in postings

Post by SpacePower »

In my forum (see below) - special htmlcode-tags are allowed e.g. a and img. So when I posting something with a link

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<a href="" target="_blank">Spearhead-Home Forum&Archives</a>
it is shown as a link.

I know to post html-tags is very restricted in the phpbb-forum if I have forgotten "" around a value the whole property will be removed.

What I want to do is placing a javascript-function in the overall_header.tpl-header which will open a new window.

I would like to post this:

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<a href="" target="_blank" onClick="javascript:openNewWindow('We at Lokerse');return false" onMouseOver="window.status='We at Lokerse';return true">Pics from the Lokerse feesten</a>
But after submitting the posting onClick and onMouseOver are removed.

Is there a chance to manage this?
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