Doube login issue

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Doube login issue

Post by dib » Tue Aug 22, 2006 10:02 pm


I am having this peculiar issue when I am using phpbb.

When user tries to log in, his username/password is verified and he goes to the next screen. However, his username doesnt show up on the top right section of the screen and he is treated as an anonymous user. Surprisingly, if he logs in the second time, it works fine and he is treated as an authenticated user. The 2nd try always works.

Upon debugging, I realized that the following is happening:

1. It is retrieving the user_data correctly in session.php- session_begin() method.

2. Then it goes to index.php

3. session_pagestart() in session.php is called.

4. cookie check is successful but session id from cookie is not available. see code below...

5. Hence the following check fails...
// Does a session exist?
if ( !empty($session_id) )

Step 4 code:

if ( isset($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$cookiename . '_sid']) || isset($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$cookiename . '_data']) )
$session_id = isset($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$cookiename . '_sid']) ? $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$cookiename . '_sid'] : '';
$sessiondata = isset($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$cookiename . '_data']) ? unserialize(stripslashes($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$cookiename . '_data'])) : array();
$sessionmethod = SESSION_METHOD_COOKIE;
It is going inside the if-condition but session id is not available...

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Post by drathbun » Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:02 am

It's probably a case of where one page is using and the other link is using the "www" in front of it. Changing your cookie settings to use should fix that, and allow folks to use the site with or without the "www" in front.

I think. :-)

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Post by morestuff » Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:48 am

bottom line is cookie settings are incorrect.

Auto Cookies MOD


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