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Forum Help...

Post by hphogwarts4 »

1- How do I password protect a forum?

2- How do I get a smiley pack and install it? (right now there is just a bunch of errors where the should be the smiley pictures...

3- I am a dummy. :-(

Mr. Nissen
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Post by Mr. Nissen »

Can you expand on question number 1.

Do you want people to not be able to even access the main page without a user name and password or just not be able to post without a password.

And no your not a dummy.
Very Bored

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Post by primedomain »

1) not possible "out of the box" (there might be a MOD, check the MODs forum), it's all done via the permission system:
How to Create a Private Forum.

2) what errors? You don't need a smilie pack to install new smilies.
Upload the smilie images to (e.g.) images/smilies/ (specified in Admin Panel --> General Admin --> Configuration) and go to the Admin Panel -> Smilies Admin. From there, click the Add a smiley button, select the filename from the list and add the smiley text and smiley code.

If you have downloaded a smiley packet that includes a pak-file, you can import the pak file (but you still have to upload the images.

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Post by TimSaysPlease »

you can make forums nvisible except to certain people


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