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RC-2 now available

Post by SHS` »

RC-2(002) is now available from SourceForge.

https://sourceforge.net/project/showfil ... up_id=7885

Please read the docs included in the distribution, namely README_RC2, INSTALL_RC2 and FAQ_RC2.

Edit by psoTFX:

Polish, Finnish and French translations of the language files can be downloaded from our sourceforge pages. In addition a French translation of subSilver is also now available (completing initial French support).

Other languages will appear over the next few weeks (hopefully!).
Changes since RC-1

* Fixed numerous PostgreSQL related issues
* Significant updates and additions to the upgrade script
* Various (missed) hard coded language strings fixed
* Fixed viewforum error when no forum id specified
* Fixed old constant name useage in search system
* Fixed display of moved posts when viewing unanswered posts
* Fixed failure of search for user and keyword when displaying as posts
* Fixed PM popup notification
* Fixed view more emoticon session page problem
* Fixed view profile email links
* Fixed display of websites in profile
* Fixed backup database failure
* Fixed MS Access schema error when posting topics
* Fixed problem with hypenated/dotted DB names in MySQL 3.23.6+
* Various other fixes and updates

Changes since RC-1 (pre)

* Upgrade script completed for initial fully functional release
* Sessions code updated
* Mark read code updated and hopefully fixed
* Significant changes to properly deal with \' for non-MySQL boards
* mssql, msaccess and mssql-odbc DB classes re-written
* Avatar issues addressed and fixed
* Search (INSERT) bug using MySQL fixed
* Search highlighting issues addressed
* Search own/other users posts fixed
* BBCode fixes for magic URIs and other issues
* Template updates for subSilver
* User and group permissions problems fixed
* Forum management problems (deletion of forum causing category not to display) fixed
* Pagination problem with groupcp fixed
* Backslash issues with posting and profile fixed
* Backslash issues with emails fixed
* preg_quote problems fixed
* User management updated with full avatar control and missing fields
* Private messaging box limits fixed
* Private messaging ?folder= strangeness fixed
* Forum pruning code updated to cope with search system
* Emoticon system in posting updated
* BBCode FAQ link added to posting form
* Language file updates to address concerns of translators
* Various other bug fixes and updates

Upgrade from phpBB 1.4.x:

Before upgrading we recommend you do a full backup of your database! If you are unsure how to achieve this please ask your hosting provider for advice.

One you have backed up your database you should unarchive the phpBB 2.0 archive your downloaded and upload them to a completely clean directory on your server (we don't recommend you delete your existing 1.4.x till you know 2.0 is working correctly but you can do this if you wish and then install 2.0 into this directory). DO NOT copy the files over an existing phpBB 1.x installation! Once uploaded you should point your browser to this location, the install script will run and you should select *upgrade* as the Installation Type.

As with install the upgrade is automated, the config.php will be written automatically (if possible, else you will be able to download a copy as with New Installation above). Once the config.php is in place everything should proceed without error.

Once completed your board should be immediately available. If you encountered errors you should restore your original database and report the problems to our bug tracker (see README_RC2 for details)

Upgrade from phpBB 2.0 beta-1:

Sorry but no direct upgrade is available from beta-1 (we did warn you!). If you are reasonably confident with the use of SQL, etc. you may be able to make the required changes to the database manually. You will need to examine the CVS check-ins to determine what needs changing where.

Upgrade from phpBB 2.0 RC-1 (pre):

In the main all you need do is overwrite your existing installation (except config.php!!) and run update_to_RC1.php. This will automatically make a few changes to the database that occured after RC-1 (pre) was made available. You may need to modify some other values depending on your installation. Please search our forums if this becomes necessary (it shouldn't).

Upgrade from phpBB 2.0 RC-1:

Nothing special needs to be done if upgrading from RC-1. Just copy the new files (all of them!) over the existing installation (except for config.php!) and the board should be updated (no database changes are required).
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Post by OOHOO »

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Post by SHS` »

Note that RC-2 is only packaged with English language files. The language packs for RC-2 can be grabbed from the above link aswell.
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Post by GamerZ »

yes, when i go home after schoold, i shall upgrade
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Post by ktvktv »

is there any change in language file ? (so that we dont have to translate it again)
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Post by hsim »

what ID/date/version is your lang_main.php?
current is $Id: lang_main.php,v 1.73 2001/12/30 13:39:42 psotfx Exp $
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Post by Coasters2k »

Stupid me! I forgot to back up the config.php file and overwrote everything. When I try to access my folder it redirects to install.php and gives me the error of:
Parse error: parse error in /path/to/boards/install.php on line 758
Suggestions? :D
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Post by rmang »

Should be something like:

$dbms = "mysql";

$dbhost = "localhost";
$dbname = "Your_DB_Name";
$dbuser = "DB_Username";
$dbpasswd = "DB_Password";

$table_prefix = "phpbb_";

define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true);

Just replace DB_Name, DB_Username and DB_Password with yours for your board/database. Also adjust the prefix if you used a different one :)
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Post by AbelaJohnB »

There is a single PARSE ERROR in: install.php

on Line #: 758


Code: Select all



Code: Select all


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Post by ramister »

I´m using my old language(RC-1)! I´ve already update to rc2, Until now I don´t get any error!

So my lang_main.php didn´t change??
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Post by Danno »

Lookin' good... Looking forward to Euclid being finished and included in the future releases!
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Post by gamerzmaster »

is RC-3 gonna be the last or are u gonne do more than RC-3??
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Post by BlackDeath »

whats up is there any changes in the templates to?
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Post by ralniv »

Very nice work phpBB dev team! You have done a hell of a job making upgrades go smoothly.

I'm fairly clueless about php and MySQL, yet the upgrades from pre-RC1, to RC-1, to RC-2 went smoothly without any error messages.

I look forward to your final release of phpBB2.
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Post by cc chris f »

yipey woor yipy woot
yahoo!!!!! happy woot!!!!!!!
way to go, way to go, way to go, way to go, way to go, way to go phpBB, way to goooooooo :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D :D
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