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brazilian portuguese translation

Post by Fallen »

hi paul.

i'm dener, from brazil.

reading your message now, i know you have an official portuguese translator. sounds good!

but, my question is: pincel will make the portuguese (from portugal) files, or will make an "universal" portuguese version?

i'm working on the language files since the first 2.0 beta release, and now with the cvs version.

well, if you need an brazilian-portuguese translator, i'm here, ok?


dener c.

p.s.: i'm running my test forum at , using my old cvs version language file.
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Post by psoTFX »

Portuguese [Brazil] is needed too :)
Boby Dimitrov
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Post by Boby Dimitrov »

Is it offtopic if I ask who did your bulgarian translation for 1.x and did he stated he'll help with 2.x? I'd like to contact that person, so if you could supply any coordinates, I'll be most gratefull.
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Post by ivictorc »

Well, seems I am gonna stick with phpBB2 for my site and I want to do some contributions, I am willing to do Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese) and a Traditional Chinese (Hong Kongese) translations.

Some chinese users may ask why I am so stupid to do two copy of the same language? Aren't they the same? Actually they're a bit different, as what we may know, Taiwanese speak Guoyu (Putonghua), and they can write as they speak, but Hong Kongeses speak Guangdonghua, which is something like "I am going to die" and "I am gonna die" in english, so, Taiwaneses will think the first translation seems more confortable, and Hong Kongese will think the second more easy to read.
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Post by water »

sign me up for norwegian :D
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Post by cheezycrust »

I can do Dutch (Belgian). nl-BE, to be correct. Make that nl, if you want, and if I look a bit closer to my translation. The differences between the two aren't too big, but two separate versions would be nice.

Anyone want to join?
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Post by BartVB »

I've got someone that can do the NL translation. She did some language education (Dutch) and is an editor for several companies :D

Guess it's smartest to do the nl-nl translation first and then you (cheezycrust) can make the nl-be alterations?
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Post by Rici »

I want to make the German Translation, plz! :)
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Post by Helix »

I'm ok for translating in French !

I've already started, but a frozen language file would be better I think :roll:

I'll be able to translate lang_main, lang_admin, the emails and also the lang_faq. I can "translate" the button images if you want also :)
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Post by Svenneman »

I could translate it to swedish, I don't have CVS so I would need the files to be sent to me
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Post by dizzywalker »

The wife has offered to do a Turkish translation if needed, she's a graphic designer so she could do the buttons also.

I have CVS access.
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Post by dhn »

Rici, please contact Thunder. He is also a member on this board and already did a german translation but the admin stuff is still missing.
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Post by SuperSonic »

Let me do the Polish translation. I already did the one for phpBB 1.x, so I'm not new to this task.
Mike SuperSonic .:.
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Post by Thunder »

dhn wrote: Rici, please contact Thunder. He is also a member on this board and already did a german translation but the admin stuff is still missing.

You're calling me *g*?

Yes I have an up2date translation (exept the admin stuff and the some minutes ago commit)

Look what you can do with subsilver :) and a converter from ubb2phpbb2 and some modifications eg for username_display *harhar* :) *g*

it's really working well exepted the DEBUG mod... I haven't had time to figure out where it's definied... (any hint for turning it off?)

now time to go to bed... *zzzzzzz*

I don't have an up2date translation any more, sorry. I have had no time for that the last days/weeks. I had to do driver's licences :D[/b]
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Post by alexis »

Hi, i have installed PHPBB2 on my site and looks great, i would like to do the spanish translation, please count with me!.

Alexis Bellido
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