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Post by Kraven »

I can help Helix on french translation .
I started an translation (75% translated)
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Post by Bullitt »

I could do Finnish translation.

- Bullitt
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Post by Ashe »

Kraven wrote: I can help Helix on french translation .

Please no loose translation, IOW keep french Canadians out of this :lol:
Yeah, I know I'm going to be flamed for that heh
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Post by Helix »

Ashe wrote: Please no loose translation, IOW keep french Canadians out of this :lol:
Yeah, I know I'm going to be flamed for that heh

Helix Image Ashe

:D :D :D :D

Kraven, contact me by mail, i've nearly finish the translation also :)
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italian translation

Post by teosno »

If it's still needed, I can do an italian translation. 8)
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Post by alexis »

Hey Paul, i can do Spanish, in fact as soon as i do it better for putting it on my site at Peru, also i can tell you that Spanish all over latin america is pretty the same, maybe at Spain there are some differente words or ways of saying things.

Anyway, i can do spanish for latin america.

Please confirm to me how to do it and what files to changes.

psoTFX wrote: Just a small post to light up the topic again :)

Languages that would be nice for launch but have yet to be assigned:

Japanese (any/all dialects?)
Spanish (Mexico)?
Alexis Bellido
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Post by Shantra »

I have contacted water and offered my help to translate the v2 to norwegian! :)
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Post by Lynx »

I wonder who did previous russian translation for 1.x series, it was awfull. I hope borz_off isn't the same person...

Any ideas who did previous one, cause lang_russian mentions :?:
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Post by Gud »

I think I could do the swedish translation, or at least help with it.
My first language is swedish you know :D

But I'm not sure if I can do it soon(how soon do I need to start on it?).
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A french

Post by ThEMeTaLLiSaNdMaN »

I can create the button text in French if can help:)

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Post by Svenneman »

I don't get one word of that ;)

well what about it, can I make the swedish translation, I've downloaded the new version now of phpbb2 now
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Post by ¬Ó®aÃM¤h »

Hi ! all,
I come from Taiwan,
The same pleace as the above one.
so , would you mind take a few minutes to visit our website

Maybe you will surprise that our traditional chinese translation level is so faster and better than yours .

We are the really "first" traditional chinese translation work group in the world.
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Post by ivictorc »

yoshika wrote:
ivictorc wrote:

Well, seems I am gonna stick with phpBB2 for my site and I want to do some contributions, I am willing to do Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese) and a Traditional Chinese (Hong Kongese) translations.

Some chinese users may ask why I am so stupid to do two copy of the same language? Aren't they the same? Actually they're a bit different, as what we may know, Taiwanese speak Guoyu (Putonghua), and they can write as they speak, but Hong Kongeses speak Guangdonghua, which is something like "I am going to die" and "I am gonna die" in english, so, Taiwaneses will think the first translation seems more confortable, and Hong Kongese will think the second more easy to read.


I want to ask you.
When we got the newest version at 11/26, we already did the translations of it for Traditional Chinese immediately.
We even have a whole team of translators.
And I think for myself, literature on Traditional Chinese is not bad.
Also, all earthlings think that only Taiwan use Traditional Chinese
It's unique for us!
For being as a Taiwanese, I think if I do the translation, it will surely be better than yours!
Why not come to our place and exchange on this when you have time?

It's a long time since I did the first translation for bulletin board softwares, UltraBoard, and I am the official translator of it (Jackie is too lazy to do), anyway, UltraBoard it dead now.
So for experience on translation, I think it's enough.

And what you told me about literature, actually from my viewpoint, it's not necessary (anyway, I study chinese literature at school too), because on the aspect of translation, the goal is to let everybody understand the displayed strings, so the only requirement is that you have to be able on english language, to know the meaning without actually translate them back to chinese is good, and that's what I can do, without doubt.
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Post by Dwing. »

Perhaps, i can make a greece language file :)
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Post by AndreStarTrek »

Well just that everyone know. I am right now making a Dutch version for phpBB 2.0.
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