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Install Error Message

Post by commanderyoda »

Ok . . . I already have a functioning message board with Yahoo as a host. Then I tried to set up a second board and got the below debug error message. I've seen it before and I've tried serveal times to reinstall but it keeps repeating. I create the install and contrib folders, then launch the install file and then delete the install and contrib folders but still I get the below message. What have I done wrong?

Error in obtaining userdata


SQL Error : 1054 Unknown column 'user_login_tries' in 'field list'

SELECT user_id, username, user_password, user_active, user_level, user_login_tries, user_last_login_try FROM phpbb_users WHERE username = 'Cobra'

Line : 65
File : login.php

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Post by espicom »

When restoring a database from an older version of PHPBB onto a current board, you must upload the install/ directory from the PHPBB archive, run install/update_to_latest.php to make the data "correct", then remove the install/ directory.

The error should go away, assuming that YAHOO gave your MySQL user the privileges needed to alter tables... Sometimes, they don't, and you have to manually do the changes, through phpmyadmin (which generally will have a higher-privilege username attached to it).
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