MYSQL upgrade with current phpbb

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MYSQL upgrade with current phpbb

Post by Vampy »

Hi! I tried searching the forum for my question on whether if there's any known problem(s) with upgrading mysql to version 5 with a current phpbb being installed... The upgrading of mysql is beyond my control (my hosting company decided to upgrade to version 5). But I have been using phpbb on the server for serveral years... (I have the latest version of phpBB 2). Thanks for any advise offered...
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Post by karlsemple »

All you need to do is make sure you are using the latest version of phpbb which is 2.0.21 and then open the config.php and make sure you have

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$dbms = 'mysql4';
and not

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$dbms = 'mysql';
Then the rest is down to your host to set it up correctly, but assuming they do not fluff it up everything should work just fine :)
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Post by stefands »

I had a similar situation:

I switched from MySQL v3.x and got the advice not to change $dbms to 'mysql4' because phpBB will then try and use transactions with certain actions. MyISAM doesn't support that. I don't quite understand the whole deal and requested more info in the topic listed above, without result. So, I just left $dbms = 'mysql' and everything is working fine.
espicom wrote: The config.php script will either have "mysql" or "mysql4" as the database type. This also affects whether or not the sessions table is set as a "HEAP" (in-memory) table or a disk-based table.... in v3.x, disk-based tables are "too slow" for some people, when dealing with the sessions table, but v4.x fixed that.

Where this can be a problem is if you get an error, and PHPBB tries to report it to you... If it thinks that there are transactions, it tries to roll back what it was doing when the error occured, which will generate an error if the table type (MyISAM) doesn't support transactions... and the original error is replaced by the new "1196 some tables could not be rolled back" error, leaving you to guess what the original problem was.

Leave the database type set to "mysql" in config.php, rather than changing it...
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