mssql problem

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mssql problem

Post by dardevil »

i try to install forum with mssql database.
but this is not work!
i get this message:

Code: Select all

Warning: odbc_connect() [function.odbc-connect]: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified, SQL state IM002 in SQLConnect in E:\Inetpub\Domains\\pollard\forum\phpbbheb\db\msaccess.php on line 55
phpBB : Critical Error 

Could not connect to the database


SQL Error : Error 
please help me!

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Post by espicom »

Your server doesn't know how to talk to MS SQL yet. Using ODBC imposes limitations like this, in that the MS SQL ODBC system driver must be properly installed and configured, then a connector be built for it, and THEN you can use it. By configuring PHP to talk directly to MS SQL (information on doing this is in the PHP Manual, under "Windows Extensions"), you eliminate two of the hurdles.

There is still the one of making sure that the Microsoft SQL Server driver DLL is already installed, and there is at least one Windows Update that moves it to a location that won't work. This is a separate DLL from the one in PHP needs for itself... Which, by the way, does not come with the "installer" version, so you must download the "ZIP file" version of PHP as well.

Fun, isn't it?
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