turncate sessions_table via CRON JOB

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Alex Zuyev
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turncate sessions_table via CRON JOB

Post by Alex Zuyev »

Will anyone help me to make a line for a cron job so sessions_table will turncate automatically? I shall set it in my cPanel. Thanx a lot!

Now I have only

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mysqlcheck --repair --analyze --optimize --phpbb --table-phpbb_sessions --auto-repair --user=*** --password=***
and it is not solving the problem.
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Post by espicom »

If you have the table set to type "myisam" instead of type "heap", you don't have to worry about the table size... The code you've posted only does a repair on the table, which heap tables don't support anyway.

To trunctate it, you need to send the following SQL statements to the database:

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use mydatabase;
truncate table phpbb_sessions;
You would, of course, substitute your database and table name information for "mydatabase" and "phpbb_sessions". Or the PHP script found in Script to clear/alter sessions table would work, too.
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