Editing user profile.

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Editing user profile.

Post by Kev_Dawg »

Well I found out where to do it before, but I can't seem to find it again, forgot what file to edit. What I mean by this topic is when a user posts something, under their username obviously shows location of where they are and number of posts etc. Now, that is what I want to edit, I want to re-arrange it and possibly add something, how can I do this?

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Post by ZQ »

Sorry, you can't do that with phpBB. You can do that with Invision Power Board.


But that forum making website is expensive!! :(

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Post by camm15h »

Ignore ZQ, he doesn't have a clue.

Add field MOD:

To add/remove ones you do/don't want, simply edit them out of the template files. E.g. profile_add_body.tpl, profile_view_body.tpl, memberlist_body.tpl, and possibly viewtopic_body.tpl, etc.....


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