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Post by DK »

um because this isn't 1995 anymore, just because there is white space available on the screen doesn't mean you jam pack it with everything you can find, it's called aesthetics, and smaller fonts are a much more popular piece of current web development, especially since if people wanted big honking ugly fonts they can set their browser to override the settings and do that for them =)

and then there is theFinn response/lock
use templates

Scott Perkins wrote: As long as the font sizes can be changed for each setup it is no big deal. Truth be told there
is a big deal of difference among
age groups as I bet the average age here is under thirty. But still readability is readability
everywhere. It so happens that most members of my club are older
than 45. All you youngsters can
look forward to deterioriating eyesight as it is inevitable. However to be objective, the fonts
here are noticably smaller than on
the regular PHPBB site so something is different. I am using Netscape 4 on Windows.
My real point is WHY WASTE WHITE SPACE. USE IT. you can either clutter up the screen or make characters larger. Tell the truth
when you take a quick look at any
screen dont you seee the larger fonts first and easiest? Here is
your chance to preserve your eyesight. If you start now with
larger fonts maybe you wont have
to strain so hard for the rest of your computer days.

As far as complaints go, there is
a lot you can get used to over time and not even notice.

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Post by Mercury »

I just have one thing to say: Netscape 4.x sucks.

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Post by erossetto »

Mercury wrote: I just have one thing to say: Netscape 4.x sucks.

I agree :!:

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Post by theFinn »

Can we please stop digging up these really old topics?
James 'theFinn' Atkinson
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Post by dhn »

theFinn wrote: Can we please stop digging up these really old topics?

Psst, we are just trying to teach them how to use the search function ;) ...

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Post by electro »

I am currently conducting a Netscape pro/con debate elsewhere... AGAIN!

We still have to discuss these points, even if they are boring etc. I know people who use Netscape 4.5 on a 15" monitor at 480 by 640 with all the toolbars open and B I G aaaaargh! 1024*780 = aprox 50% 600*800 about 30%, by the way.

But, each to his/her own, we either go with it or not.

phpBB2 looks the same in my Netscape 4.5 win XP as it does in IE6, mucho kudos to SubBlue for that :D What O/S are you running there, Scott Perkins?

phpBB2 is a great forum, and I found it EASIER to customise than version 1.x (it took me 2 days to do my template for version 2, as opposed to 1 week for 1.4). I am sure that it would be the right forum for EVERYONE! You probably just have to ask your question in a more tactful manner, like "how can I make the fonts bigger" or whatever, I am sure that loads of people will help. You can offer your members various templates depending on their preferred layout etc...

Lastly, why do your posts have
strange page returns like
this. It really breaks up your
sentences for us who like
to read in long lines. Do you
do it on purpose, or is
it automatic? :D


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Post by Monster »

I personally hate Netscape 4x

But when I do proffesional design the majority of clients, especially companies like accounting firms which distribute Netscape 4.7 with there software want full compatibility.

Why do they distribute it?
Because IE6 is not compatible with all OS (95-XP)
Netscape makes no system changes which the company could be responsible for.
Netscape 6 is harder to distribute, larger, to chuncky etc

So I had to reprogram my phpBB to allow it to work properly and I could not even use the companies design because Netscape crashed for 10 seconds while it loaded. Even in XP Netscape... is important to have it for all browsers.


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