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page switching

Post by cmi » Sat Oct 12, 2002 8:13 pm

maybe this question was already asked and maybe it was answered too, but i didn't found it. hopefully it's the right subboard here :oops:

ok: the page-switching-function seems to be a little bit buggy at my board. it's configured to display 15 postings on one page. the problem is, that the pageswitch doesn't work (but sometimes only). new postings don't appear in the thread.. at the threadoverview i see a new posting, but the pagecount doesn't "grow" anymore. and when i click on the thread, the posting doesn't appear. when i click on "reply" for another post (for example a simple testposting) i see all postings (including the missing) in the iframe. after that, i post my answer and i'm located at "page 4 of 3" (for example). when i go back to the board and then again to the thread, i'm again on page 3 of 3 and all new postings are missing. what's up with that? :?

maybe you want to have a look: click

there are no mods installed, only the german language pack.

thanks for your help.

(p.s.: i hope you understand my english :oops: :D)


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