Need Advice about MySQL

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Need Advice about MySQL

Post by Roks »

I don't know, if it's the right place to post or not, actually I need your advice on the under given matter:

1. I am running two Forums, one is on my Office Network and another one is my personal. But I am using the same version and themes on both forums. Sometimes, I install new MOD on Office Forum and other at my personal and then update both fourms accordingly.

2. The problem comes, when I do install more than One MOD and it requires MySQL Table insertion or updation. So, to avoid this manual updation of MySQL on both forum, I was thinking a way of updating one Forum with new MySQL DB query's, after this export DB Structure and import this structure into another MySQL DB without effecting Data.

Is there any script avilable or can be written, in which we can reffer DB Structure file, and when it's run on another DB, it checks for existing table, and update only New Tables or any table modification.

Or in simple words, "what's the best way to update two different MySQL DB of phpBB forum, where about 100 SQL querys are involved?"
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Post by abusedemailaddress »

Why not simply run the update script on the second copy? Unless you're running identical databases (one is a backup of the other), it's the only reasonable way...
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