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Post by BartC » Sat Nov 11, 2006 8:20 pm

Hi all,

I moved my forum to another host ( everything seemed to be working fine, but now i'm trying to post a message and i get an error: 'no post mode' (at least that's what i found out by searching because i'm using dutch version of phpbb2). Other replies are working fine but the one i'm trying to make just doesn't work :cry:

Please help me!

This is the post i'm trying to make (it's in dutch!!!):

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[quote]Kinepolis maakt reclame in UGent
Kinepolis Gent mag in de studentenrestaurants van de Gentse Universiteit volop reclame maken. De bioscoopketen zal op de placemats voor de dienstbladen haar films afficheren. Het bedrijf gaat ook affiches hangen in de studentenrestaurants met info over films en evenementen.

In de studentenrestaurants komen enkel universiteitspersoneel en studenten eten. Met een kassaticket van een studentenrestaurant wordt een bioscoopticket in Kinepolis Gent goedkoper: 5 euro in plaats van 7 of 8 euro.

In Gent zijn er ook andere bioscoopuitbaters. Kinepolis is de grootste. (belga)[/quote] Bron: [url=]Klik[/url]
*Edit*: sometimes i want to preview my post and the box appears empty :?

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Post by ESQARE » Sat Nov 11, 2006 8:39 pm

This problem generally only being at If your message too long, then you get 'no post mode' error. I think, this is for prevent some attacks. (for security reason). You need contact with administrators. Maybe they can fix this error.


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