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ABA Boxing
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Mass Email

Post by ABA Boxing »

As admin i can not send mass email to my members. I get the following message after sending! Any help please?

General Error
Failed sending email :: PHP ::

Line : 234
File : emailer.php
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Lumpy Burgertushie
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Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

Here are some of the things I have seen cause email errors:

you must have a valid email address in the admin panel for the admin account.

any member that has any kind of "notify me" checked in their profile will have to have a valid email address listed or you will get errors.

on some server setups, you must have a "catchall/ default" email account setup on your account for sendmail to work.

ok, here's the deal. the sendmail function that phpbb uses can only work if the host has their end setup correctly and activated.

the smtp function that phpbb uses can only work if you have access to a smtp server that will let you use it.

SMTP Options:

If you have your own domain name and if you have a hosting account where your board is installed;
then, you first try leaving smtp to "no" , nothing in the boxes.
that will use the servers sendmail function via the board's php call.

if that doesn't work,
then, you try smtp by checking "yes" , put localhost in the server box and leave the others empty.
that will try to use your domain name's smtp server.

if that doesn't work,
then you put the same thing in the smtp boxes that you use in your email program to send email from your domain name email
that is trying to use your own smtp server for your domain name.

if that doesn't work,
then you try different combinations of smtp servers, localhost, username, password, etc etc.

if that doesn't work,
then, try to find a smtp server somewhere that will let you relay through their servers.
this is not likely, and if you do , it won't last very long because of abuse.

if that doesn't work,
you can turn off the email functions of the board completely,
there are MODs for this here and at
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