"Smart" forum spam followup

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"Smart" forum spam followup

Post by Dave Bean »

The original topic has been locked, so I can't reply there:
"Is there a question here? Please note that this forum is for phpBB support, not general notices to the public. "
Sorry if there was something offensive in the original post, but I don't know what it might be.

The implied question was are other phpbb forum admins seeing the "smart spam" type of activity and how do they plan to stay a head of it. The spammers are staying ahead of the me and the mods that I put in and I'm very close to shutting my boards down, some have been operating for many years - are others having the same issues - if not any ideas why not.

Are there ways that we can study the characteristics of the forum spammers? Can we determine if they are computer programs making it through the email activation, visual confirmation, required registration, registration hash mods or are we dealing with people or perhaps computer / people hybrids? Fundamentally, does version 3 offer a solution?

How big a problem are others having with forum spam?

These are a few questions about spam. As indicated, there are a lot of threads about spam and I've participated in many of them. Would a separate forum section about spam be useful? It would be wonderful if someday it was no longer needed.
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