phpBB2 & MySQL 5

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phpBB2 & MySQL 5

Post by Electric-Gerbil »

I'm about to start an install of phpBB2, and I'm wondering if phpBB2 has support for MySQL 5 databases? My host offers me the option of creating either a MySQL 4 or MySQL 5 database, so I'd appreciate it if someone could let me know which I should be using.

(I tried searching the forums for posts on this topic, but I got no results, so apologies if this has already been answered before.)

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Post by gansert »

both is possible.

So I would choose MySQL 5 database
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Post by abusedemailaddress »

On a fresh install, phpbb 2.0.22 is compatible with MySQL 5, but a lot of MODs out there are not. If the MOD says "MySQL only", it will probably NOT be compatible with MySQL 5.

Why would that be? Because MySQL 5 enforces rules that earlier versions did not. These are the same rules that other databases enforced, which is why a lot of MODs would not work with other databases... they didn't follow the rules.
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