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Installation Instructions

Post by theFinn » Thu Aug 30, 2001 11:16 pm

phpBB v2.0 Beta 1 DOES NOT contain an installation or upgrade script. The purpose of this round of beta testing is to work the bugs out of the core system. Beta 2 will provide users with an easy installation and upgrade script.

How to Install
Step 1: Download the phpBB v2.0b1 package and extract it into your webserver

Step 2: Create a database for phpBB. How to do this will vary based on the database system you are using. Beta 1 supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and ODBC (Access). Oracle support is there however it has special installiation instructions.

Step 3: Go into the db subdirectory under your phpBB 2 directory.

For MySQL type the following:
cat mysql_schema.sql mysql_basic.sql | mysql -u [your mysql username] -p [your phpBB 2 database name]
Then enter your password when prompted

For PostgreSQL type the following:
psql [your phpBB 2 database] -U [your postgres username] < postgres_schema.sql
psql [your phpBB 2 database] -U [your postgres username] < postgres_basic.sql

(Follow up posts here will detail how to install for the other database types)

Step 4: Edit config.php and change the applicable settings. Each database type has its own section and is clearly marked.

Thats it, you should now have a working board to test on. If you have any problems please post here.
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Post by psoTFX » Thu Aug 30, 2001 11:41 pm

For MS Access installtion
Included with this distribution is a populated MS Access database file that will allow you to use MS Access and ODBC to run phpBB 2.0.

Unzip the file in the db directory, place the resulting file somewhere appropriate (ask your hosting provider if you're unsure where the best or required place is to put this file)

You now need to create a System DSN for this file in your ODBC Data sources. The exact procedure again depends on your hosting provider. If you're unsure then ask them for assistance.

Open config.php in a text editor and uncomment (remove the /* and */ around) the ODBC - MS Access entry

Enter the name of you gave the data source where it says <HOST HERE>

If everything is set up correctly you should now be able to access your ODBC/MS Access powered phpBB 2.0 beta

MSSQL 7/2000
Both a schema and basic script are provided for MSSQL.

You should access your facility for running queries directly against your MSSQL DB, this is usually the Query Analyzer but may be different for hosted situations.

Log on to your database, you should then run the schema followed by the basic script (if no errors occured for the schema). You shouldn't encounter any problems. If you do, first check you have appropriate permissions to create tables, indexes, etc., check you're using your assigned database and not someone elses :) If it still fails, post a bug report to sourceforge.

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Post by Kanuck » Sat Sep 01, 2001 1:13 pm

For all users of Windows and MySQL:
Follow these steps to gain command-line access to your MySQL server, assuming that MySQL is already running.
  1. Open cmd.exe (Win2k/NT) or an MS-DOS prompt (95/98/ME).
  2. Change directory to the MySQL\bin directory, wherever you installed MySQL.
  3. Type mysql.
  4. You now have command line access to MySQL. You can run any query, such as SELECT, INSERT, or DELETE, as well as any command, such as the command below to read and execute queries from a text file.
First, you can optionally create a new database:
CREATE DATABASE database_name;

Then, you need to connect to a database (whether it already existed, or you just created it):
USE database_name;

Finally, type the following commands into MySQL to execute the scripts that create and populate the tables:
SOURCE location\of\mysql_schema.sql
SOURCE location\of\mysql_basic.sql

If you need any other help, then you should be waiting for a release with an install script, because you're in over your head! ;)
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Post by SamG » Sat Sep 01, 2001 3:09 pm

Well, maybe. If we remote users can create a database (through ISP supplied tools, etc. - same process for phpBB 1.x, so still familiar turf), can get a little help with Telnet directory navigation, and can copy and edit the installation instructions command, we might be able to fumble through it all and be productive...


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Post by AL » Sat Sep 01, 2001 7:52 pm

RE: phpMyAdmin

in case you are not aware of it, this is a php script that you can upload and it will let you administer your mysql database.

(1) go to phpmyadmin that you uploaded. on the left side you will have your database and the tables. click the database that you want phpbb2 to be installed in (might only have 1 database to choose from) and you will see the tables listed on the right (if you have any already).
(2) scroll down and you will see "Run SQL query/queries on database" and then a textarea for you to type the query. under this it says "Or location of the text file" then click 'browse' and you will be browsing your local computer. find the file you want to run and choose it, then click 'Go' and it will load the file and run the queries.

you can get a copy of phpmyadmin from (and they just released ver2.2 for those using older versions).

hope this helps :)

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Post by redskinshq » Sun Sep 02, 2001 11:11 am

I understand that much .. but what text file do i want?? Is it in phpBB2 or what exactly do i do?

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Post by psychoviper » Sun Sep 02, 2001 11:26 am

The Text files are (/phpBB2/db/) mysql_schema.sql and mysql_basic.sql. First you've to insert mysql_schema.sql. After you have done this you've to insert mysql_basic.sql.


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Post by AL » Sun Sep 02, 2001 8:57 pm

are there instructions or anything for oracle? i have it set up locally and can test it but need schema/sql stuff.

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Post by scotshin7 » Sat Sep 08, 2001 12:33 am

Does anyone have a schema/basic file for Oracle/DB2?
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Post by dougk_ff7 » Sun Sep 23, 2001 7:40 pm

Uh, I don't know. Oracle support is a little crazy, mainly because the lack of support for ORDER BY statements. It might be working shortly, but then again, I don't know. ;)
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Post by Knogle » Thu Sep 27, 2001 12:51 pm

phpMyAdmin rocks! :D

Everything can be done for you with just a few simple clicks of buttons :P
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I dont get it :(

Post by Just_Skull » Tue Oct 02, 2001 8:40 pm

I dont understand the thing with the database (MSQL). As far I know this was not in V1.4x
Why dont you guys just make this simple again. The db is not really my area and the other webmasters are bussy.
I just want to set this board up fast.

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Post by psoTFX » Tue Oct 02, 2001 9:30 pm

1) A MySQL DB was most certainly used in 1.x :D That's the fundamental basis of phpBB
2) If you're uncomfortable doing the self-install of beta-1 and/or using CVS you shouldn't be using this beta software (no offence intended). The next release will be made available with the necessary install/upgrade scripts but even here bugs will persist so we don't recommend it's use in a 'live' environment.

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Post by The Flib » Fri Oct 05, 2001 12:08 am

Actually, if you search around (i'm not sure exactly what thread it is) someone has something posted where he links to the latest stable CVS snapshot... this comes with the install script everyone wants so much. I installed mine that way, only thing ya hafta do is create an empty database first, or use an existing one... And make sure config.php is writeable.

I know the words "update + running+ install" are in the post, so those would be some good keywords to use. And if anyone knows the thread exactly, feel free to post the topic id... Make me look less bumbling, or make yourself look like more of a hero. Whatever.
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Post by psoTFX » Fri Oct 05, 2001 12:30 am

There is _no_stable_ CVS snapshot ... :) If you install CVS and something doesn't work then we make no promises to fix it promptly nor do we guarantee you'll be able to 'easily' transition to new commits as they are made ...


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