Mass E-mail not working

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Rick Steele
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Mass E-mail not working

Post by Rick Steele »

I tried sending a Mass E-mail to all my users and it does not work. It states the e-mail was sent in the admin panel but nothing comes out the other end.

any suggestions?
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Re: Mass E-mail not working

Post by Nephrus »

Moving to phpBB 2.0.x Support.

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Re: Mass E-mail not working

Post by carley »

I also have this problem...

phpBB 2.0.22

I try to send mass email , it says its it has sent but it has not :(

My users are not getting email notifications for messages either :(
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Re: Mass E-mail not working

Post by SkillinBizkit »

Well i have half the same problem.

Any emails sent from phpbb don't get recieved from anyone.

I've tried specifying the mail server, and it screws up when you receive it. It might be a problem with my websites server, I'm looking into it.

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Re: Mass E-mail not working

Post by ac_roma »

try put your

SMTP Username
SMTP Password
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Re: Mass E-mail not working

Post by {S'PORT}_Skillz »

I am having a similar problem.

I tried to send a mass email (160 users) and no one received the email. I can send an email to an individual group, in my test it only had one user and the email was sent, and received just fine.

I receive no errors. Just the "your email has been sent" thing from PhpBB.

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