[2.0.22] Can't Install

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[2.0.22] Can't Install

Post by Ammit » Mon Apr 23, 2007 8:16 pm

I am trying to reinstall my forum, but it seems to be a loosing battle. First it won't right the configuration file. Then it misspells smilies when created the databases. If I get that fixed it just sits there or kicks me back to the starting page. I have tried doing upgrade install so it won't overwrite my old posts and members, no luck. I have tried brand new clean installs, no luck. I have always had a good time with PHPBB so why nwo all of a sudden is it crashing down on me.

By the way the forum was deleted because it was hacked by Islamics who decided to wrote don't mess with Muslims all over it. I am willing to try again because that forum was pretty heavily modified (CH mod though they claim that it is impossible for their mod to have caused it :roll: ) which could have caused a security hole, but I won't be going back to PHPBB if I can't get it to install. I know my problem is no specific enough to be very helpful in providing solutions but I am at my wits end. Even the clean install in a new directory new database won't work, and spelling errors when creating the database floors me! This whole mess is just absurd. :|

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Re: [2.0.22] Can't Install

Post by rvmomma » Tue Apr 24, 2007 12:48 am

if you get the smilies error , that means you trying to run the upgrade from the install page instead of installing.

if you already have a database from the old board, dont install, just upload all new files to a new folder,

then, copy your old config.php file over the new , blank one.
then, in your browser, go to yourphpbb/install/update_to_latest.php
then delete the install and contrib folders,
it is just that simple.

now, if you do not have the old database, then you need to create a new one.

( and of course spelling counts, you can name a database whatever you want, you can name it jeliosbYIPppeheh if you want to , but when you put in the database name in the install page , you better spell it correctly and use the correct case. everything on the net is case sensitive.)

now, once you have created a new database, you just install phpbb like normal.
using the install page and putting in all the database info you just created.
follow the instructions exactly and you will have phpbb installed in about 5 minutes at the most.


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