Bots or something on my board

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Bots or something on my board

Post by alehawk »

Hi, im using phpbb version 2.0.18 and I'm having problems with porn (viagra and sex pics) on my board.
Every day I have to delete up to 4 new threads about porn or viagra etc. and all this messages are being posts by "registered users" but I thing this is a bot or something, I dont believe that some guy will register 3 o 4 users a day in my spanish forum to post something about viagra or porn in english.
Since I modded the forum a lot its impossible to update it to the latest version but I would like to make some changes to prevent this kind of threads or to make confuse this bots.
I dont know if someone has any idea but I was thinking about renaming the USERNAME field in the registration form to USER or USERNAME2 so, if the bot checks for that field it wont find it but I dont know what to change in the PHP :( Does anyone know what should I change?
Other thing that confuses me if that when a new user registers it has to type in some alphanumeric code to prevent bots... I dont know if changing a field would solve that.
Also I have new threads by unregistered users (spam posts).
Any ideaS?
Thank you!!

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Re: Bots or something on my board

Post by karlsemple »

It is not impossible to update to the latest version, you can use the code changes method of updating .... there is a section in this article on how to update if you have mods Knowledge Base - Re-install / Update phpBB2

As for the spam bots you should have a read of this topic ... 1&t=427852


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