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viewforum.php redirect

Post by mocap69 »

I looked on my popular page views from my ISP and there seems to be alot of views of this page:
The problem is they are getting the error: The forum you selected does not exist.
I believe they are getting this error because they are accessing this page outside of the forum directly
somehow. I would like to redirect them back to this page:
Any idea how to accomplish this task?

I found a possible solution but not sure if the solution is worse than the problem:
I changed this line in the viewforum.php:

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message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, 'Forum_not_exist');
to this:

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redirect(append_sid("index.$phpEx", true));
Will this work or cause bigger issues?
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Re: viewforum.php redirect

Post by Marshalrusty »

When the viewforum page is accessed, it expects a forum id to be passed along via GET (viewforum.php?f=1). No links in phpBB go to viewforum.php without passing a forum id. Your host's control panel probably just removes the id from the end of the URI.

Your change to the code is fine, assuming that's the way you want it to behave.
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