Problem after a phorum conversion

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Problem after a phorum conversion

Post by antisa33 »

Your board's URI: localhost
Version of phpBB2: 2.0.17
Was this a fresh install or a(n) update/upgrade/conversion (please be specific)? conversion from phorum
Was this an install through your host?
MODs you have installed: abq mod
When the problem started:

I have done a conversion from my old phorum board to the phpbb 2.0.17 version.
Topics, posts, post text, users have been imported ok by the conversion phorum script founded here.

I just have a problem, when a moderator want to delete a post he cant because he can just see this message "you can delete only your own code".

I can see in the forums lists than the member is moderator, and in the panel config i can see too than he is a moderator.

Please can you tell me what to check in the database ?
Thanks a lot
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Re: Problem after a phorum conversion

Post by Jim_UK »

Very strange to convert to version 2.0.17 when we are on version 2.0.22
You should ask this question in the convertors forum as it is a problem that has come with doing the conversion.
If there is a phorum convertor topic please ask in there.

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