Critical Error Could not update user theme info [SOLVED]

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Ozzie Gal
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Re: Critical Error Could not update user theme info

Post by Ozzie Gal » Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:27 am

All fixed. :lol:

I missed a line of code for one of the mods when I uploaded a fresh copy of the common.php file to fix the fatal error the board had after removing the extreme styles and simple subforums mods :shock:

The cause of the error became apparent after entering the edits for the Search Bot Indexing mod into the function.php file, I went through the edits for that mod and realised I had not added a line of code in the common.php file :roll:

So all is how it should be again :mrgreen:

Thanks very much for your help Robert, it's very much appreciated.

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