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[answered] How to disable indexing?

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2002 2:35 pm
by zdr
I've searched and searched and I can't find what I need..

basically, I want to FULLY stop my phpbb from indexing (adding on to search_wordlist and search_wordmatch) - yes, I don't want any search capabilities on my site. Thanks in advance!

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2002 3:19 pm
by zdr
anyone? if possible, could someone at least let me know what to search under if there is already a solution out there? thanks

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2002 3:26 am
by zdr
anyone? maybe a mod needs to be made for this... if no one answers, I guess i'll just set off in two weeks and make a mod.

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2002 5:38 am
by zdr
Ok the answer is quite simple. For anyone wanting to disable indexing of every word from posts, simply find in the includes/functions_post.php the line:

add_search_words($post_id, stripslashes($post_message), stripslashes($post_subject));

and comment it out. That will prevent any word in anyone's post from being indexed and thus keeping your db from hogging all that space.

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2003 1:36 pm
by jazz
add_search_words($post_id, stripslashes($post_message), stripslashes($post_subject));

i couldn't find rthis line in my functions_post.php page.
im using 2.0.4 do u kno where i can find this?

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2003 6:28 am
by zdr
it should be after:

Code: Select all

 	$sql = ($mode != 'editpost') ? "INSERT INTO " . POSTS_TEXT_TABLE . " (post_id, post_subject, bbcode_uid, post_text) VALUES ($post_id, '$post_subject', '$bbcode_uid', '$post_message')" : "UPDATE " . POSTS_TEXT_TABLE . " SET post_text = '$post_message',  bbcode_uid = '$bbcode_uid', post_subject = '$post_subject' WHERE post_id = $post_id";
 	if (!$db->sql_query($sql))
		message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, 'Error in posting', '', __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql);

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 4:21 pm
by tOnk3r
sorry to dig up an old post but i think this will solve my problem...

i just want to know what is meant by "comment out"??

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 4:26 pm
by tOnk3r
and also upon looking i see i dont have includes/functions_post.php
but i do have incudes/functions_fetchposts.php are they the same?