question about Created this page in x seconds

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question about Created this page in x seconds

Post by thelast »

My site was getting about 0.9-3.0 seconds... :(

phpBB Created this page in 1.9xxxxx seconds : 0 queries executed : GZIP compression enabled : Debug Mode

phpBB Created this page in 0.254489 seconds : 13 queries executed : GZIP compression disabled : Debug Mode


I turned on GZIP, what is it? It made my pages all under 1 sec now.. is it harmful to the server or what?

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question about Created this page in x seconds

Post by AlieXai »

> what is it?

Compression method; pages sent to compatible browsers are compressed by the server, then uncompressed by the browser.

> is it harmful to the server or what?

It's not "harmful" to the server however, when enabled, it does create an additional load on the cpu/server, as the data has to be compressed.

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Post by Eelke »

It does suprise me this shows up in the page-generation time. I would think it was the webserver doing the compression, after PHP generated the page...
Of course, if the board is busy, the compression of other pages will take away CPU-time from PHP, I suppose.

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Post by SamG »

Good point. I think it's strictly output buffer compression, so should not directly affect page generation times if that's correct. Must be an indirect effect in that case.

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Post by Berend »

I turned Gzip off, just to try it and now the pages load in less then one sec. With Gzip it was 1.5 sec.

Strange huh?

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Post by Monster »

I just tested it out... with GZIP it was 0.1 without gzip it was 0.6...


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