Problem with explorer and php (multiple clicks till works)

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Problem with explorer and php (multiple clicks till works)

Post by masterlogan » Wed Jan 15, 2003 11:16 pm


Can anyone help me.
My board has been fine recently until a day ago.
Heres my problem.

if i click on a topic or anything on a php board, not just mine, it could be any php board. My explorer wont work and recognise that i have clicked a link, sometimes i have to click the link about 3 times until it takes me to the desired destination.

is my browser working fine? i just installed a new IE Browser or is there something that my browser isnt noticing?

Thank You

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Post by sasownersclub » Wed Jan 15, 2003 11:49 pm

I'm using IE6 and I not having any problems :?


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