Why not a forum in spanish?

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Why not a forum in spanish?

Post by dumbomalo »

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Porque no crear un foro para los usuario de hablahispana como seguramente lo somo muchos de nosotros. Es solo una propuesta para los administradores

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Why not not to create a forum for the user that we surely spoke Spanish like somo many of us. Is a proposal for the administrators.
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Post by JohnDean »

At the moment no one is doing a phpBB support in Spanish. It would be nice if someone would take it on. If you know of somone in your computer community would like to do it that would be great. Take care and good luck...
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Post by t0m|ta »


In my forum (in spanish) there is a lot of people looking for help with phpbb. Some months ago, I translated some mods and people started comming.

It's not "support", and not official but at least we try to give a hand to each other as there is no support in spanish.

So any one who knows phpbb and speaks spanish is very welcome :-)


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