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Change forum banner

Post by The Dark One »

Hi all

I am looking at adding the Change_Forum_Banner mod so that forum banner can be changed in ACP. The code for the mod relates to the default sub silver skin. I am using a skin called Saphir. If I revert to sub silver before installing the mod then switch back to Saphir will the mod still work in the new skin. :?:

PLEASE NOTE this is the Change_Forum_Banner mod not the inline banner ad mod.

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Re: Change forum banner

Post by espicom »

You need to ask your question where the MOD is supported, but, in any case, you will have to make all changes to templates to EVERY template you use. For the admin menus, you can copy the relevant template files from subSilver to the desired template, but, generally, you will have to hand-change templates that are displayed to users, or it will look rather cruddy!
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