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Post by corrykid »

I just bought a domain (, installed everything and added a few templates. I'm trying to get a website forum (gaming community) with active members. Could you tell me what sort of things attract members, and possible modifactions, or style changes that would help?

I really aprechiate it.

- Corry
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Re: Suggestions?

Post by ric323 »

The Knowledge Base contains solutions to many common problems!
How to fix "Doesn't have a default value" and "Incorrect string value: xxx for column 'post_text' " errors.
How to do a clean re-install of the latest phpBB3 version.
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Re: Suggestions?

Post by Crazy-S »

just so you know...

PMing people is NOT the way to go. I very, very highly discourage this method on my board and will ban any and all members who are caught doing this. as has been proven in the past.

I believe I can speak for most people who own boards recruiting via "PM system" is SPAM and is NOT the way to go...
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Re: Suggestions?

Post by KevC »

I think one other issue you'll have is that there are already a bazillion gaming forums out there.

Also, despite the fact that you say its about gaming, you have to scroll past forums on software, politics (?!?!!?), Other (?!?!?!), entertainments, sport, music and phones before you even get to a games forum.
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