trying to get users from database recognized

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trying to get users from database recognized

Post by Tammy »

I have a database set up that another script is using. It is a classified ad script. Users are registered into the database using the classified ad script.

How do I get this bb system to recognize the user if they log in using the other script. I have both srcripts working on the same database, however
I believe that the users logged in for the bb are registered in a table called: phpbb2_users
and the classified ad script is just using: users or usersonline ??

I am not a programmer, however it someone explains to me in laymans terms with instruction I should be able to handle it.

I thank you for your time, and this script. I hope this is the correct catagory to post this into!!

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I am also requesting the same mod

Post by TredLaw »

It seems to me that I am not alone and that it would be helpful to have some php wiz figure this out (if it hasn't already).

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Post by ScionCrow »

Tammy, could you PM me the script file? I'm gonna look into that and see if I can see if I can figure it out. The script should go to the "phpbb_users" table, not just users or 'useronline'.
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