General Error When converting from 2.0.X to 3.x

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General Error When converting from 2.0.X to 3.x

Post by knarchitect »

Heres the error i keep getting when I try to convert. What's going on? Any help would be great.

General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

MySQL server has gone away [2006]


SELECT MAX(forum_id) AS max_forum_id FROM phpbb_forums


FILE: includes/db/mysql.php
LINE: 158
CALL: dbal->sql_error()

FILE: install/convertors/functions_phpbb20.php
LINE: 61
CALL: dbal_mysql->sql_query()

FILE: install/install_convert.php(1003) : eval()'d code
CALL: phpbb_insert_forums()

FILE: install/install_convert.php
LINE: 1003
CALL: eval()

FILE: install/install_convert.php
LINE: 203
CALL: install_convert->convert_data()

FILE: install/index.php
LINE: 402
CALL: install_convert->main()

FILE: install/index.php
LINE: 274
CALL: module->load()

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Re: General Error When converting from 2.0.X to 3.x

Post by KevC »

knarchitect wrote:MySQL server has gone away [2006]
You're server is timing out.

Timeouts, blank screens and '500 internal error' messages suggest that your server is not coping with the conversion. You can ask your hosts if they can give you some leeway on the settings for a couple of hours while you try to convert or you can do the conversion offline
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