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Re: trying to folder script

Post by CharlieSummers »

potiron wrote:
rheo wrote:trying the script with folder support...

Code: Select all

Starting the import...
New category 'Imported from Phorums', ID: 6
Folder parent (50) could not be found in phorum_to_phpbb_cat
array(0) {

I've got exactly the same error (I suspect it's due to the folder). You said you fixed it. Could you or anyone who knows tell me what to do?
Thanks in advance

=> fixed: I was just using the wrong database.

I don't think so...I could be wrong, but I think there's more to it than that. I had my tables in the same database and consistantly got this error. I have to admit I didn't worry much about it, since it was simpler to flatten the Phorum forum table than it was to mess with figuring out why a folder would cause that (the number in parenthesis is the of the first folder it sees).

I was able to successfully convert from a gawd-awfully old Phorum (3.1.1a) to the latest version of phpbb (2.0.18) using the script at ... rs.php.txt with minor changes, and a little effort...

1) Use mysqldump to create a backup of the existing Phorums database, including data and "drop table".

2) Install phpbb 2.0.18, create new database for the install and a completely unique prefix for your tables (make sure you don't duplicate existing table names in your Phorum!), handle security (user permissions, all the routine mySQL stuff; YMMV if you're using Postgress)

3) Restore your Phorum backup to the NEW database; you're going to muck with it, so don't use the original. Your new database will now include tables from your old and your new (empty) database. That's something like (with the appropriate replacements):

Code: Select all

# mysql {new_database_name} < {backup_file_name}
4) Flatten your Phorum in the new database. I consistantly got that:

Code: Select all

Folder parent (nn) could not be found
...error on the first folder found, and frankly it's faster to reorganize your phpBB later than to screw with it. To flatten your Phorum, staying in the copy and not the original, send these queries:

Code: Select all

delete * from forums where folder=1;
update forums set parent=0 where 1;
5) Edit phorum2phpbb-folders.php.txt, adding your database information (the COPY, not the ORIGINAL!) and making the following code edit. Find:

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add_search_words($post_id, stripslashes($body), stripslashes($sub));
Replace with:

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add_search_words("importing", $post_id, stripslashes($body), stripslashes($sub));
(There was a new parameter added; this first parameter can be anything except "single" so I chose "importing.")

6) Copy phorum2phpbb-folders.php.txt to phorum2phpbb-folders.php at the root of your phpBB install, and open it in your browser. Be amazed as your Phorum flows into your phpBB tables.

Note that since everything is now in the "Imported from Phorum" category, you'll need to create categories to match your old Phorum folders and manually move the forums into the categories. You can use SQL queries, but it's probably easier (less risky, anyway) to do it in the admin section. At this point you can drop all the backup Phorum tables from the phpBB database. You might also consider backing up your old Phorum directory before you delete it - I'm a little conservative when it comes to hanging on prior versions of data and code, just in case you need it someday...
AaronBBrown wrote: I've got a wicked old version of Phorum...any ideas on how to convert it up to phpbb? Phorum 3.0.7 doesn't use a forums has a text file in the forums folder with all the forum definitions....

Well, sure...check the archives, download Phorum 3.1.x, upgrade a copy of your Phorum data, and then proceed as above.
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Post by snik »

I want to migrate a forum with Phorum 5.0.16 to the lastest version of phpbb and i want to know if anybody has tried this with the scripts in this subject. It's for my employer so no errors can be assumed please help me if you can :wink:
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Re: to phpBB conversion

Post by antisa33 »

I have this phorum version
I tried your script to convert to my new phpbb 2.0.17 forum but there is some errors, fields names are not the same.
Dis somebody did it ?
Can you help ?
Thanks a lot
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Post by mcgiwer »

1. Many links given on this forum are dead
2. I nead a script to convert a file with SQL (backup) from Phorum to PHPbb (I don't have access to Phorum's file system, but I've done a backup of data and downloaded it into my PC)

Have sombody a solution to this problems :?:
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Re: to phpBB conversion

Post by smartness »

has someone a fixed last version of this?

if yes upload somewhere, i would try to test it :D

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