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Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 8:50 pm
by VinceDee
The URL for the UCS no longer works.

Can someone point me to a place to download the last known good version of this program?

Trying to convert Toast>phpbb

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:45 pm
by D¡cky

Trying to create a Toast Forum 1.6 convertor file

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 11:06 pm
by rkalskymc
I created a simple convertor file, but when I copied it to /convert, it doesn't display in UCS? Any help?

I can email the file if anyone wants to take a look at it.

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 1:50 pm
by MstSage
is there any way to convert bbtonuke to phpbb, i would rather be using that isntead of the port....but i can't find a converter for it...I plan on making a port for phpnuke...that only syncs up everything...and all the mods work....liek they would in a normal phpbb system...but i havent gotten far on that project.

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 1:01 am
by BlueShizz
I was having some trouble at first, but then I was able to get it working.


Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:14 pm
by justjames
D¡cky wrote: It is on the Downloads page,

Could someone update this. I have not been able to find the UCS to download and install in order to run our XMB converter we downloaded.


Re: [howto] Write a converter with the Unified Convertor System

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:04 pm
by bonelifer
Until the mods database is backup you can get this and other converters at the sourceforge depository: ... e_id=68166

Re: [howto] Write a converter with the Unified Convertor System

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:49 pm
by shontrix
Can you write a converter for e107 Forum systems