Simpleboard to phpBB?

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Simpleboard to phpBB?

Post by GoalsOfFire1 »

Hey all

I have a forum here: ... &Itemid=41

But i want a phpBB forum instead, can i somehow get all the posts from my current forum to a new phpBB forum?

Also, can i make it so that when people register at the site, they dont have to register again for the phpBB forum?

Matt 8)
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Post by mtaylor9161974 »

Any luck with this?
Been Told
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Post by Been Told »

Wow, seems nobody has ever made a convertor for Simpleboard to phpBB - what I shame... I've persuaded a client to move from Simpleboard to phpBB and now I don't know how to move the users and posts to any new phpBB installation...
Doesn't anyone know any place I can find something for that?

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